2 Ethernet Ports Serial to WiFi Converter

WiFi to Serial Converters | Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Converter

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Product Name:2 Ethernet Ports Serial to WiFi Converter

  • Model:USR-W630

USR-W630 | RS232/485 to Wi-Fi/Ethernet Converter

USR-W630 is a device that can realize data communication between RS485/RS232 and EthernetWi-Fi Through this device the communication between the on-site serial device and the remote SCADA system can be realized. It integrates a wealth of network protocols like MQTT, TCP. UDP etc and supports a variety of networking methods, suitable for various scenarios.

Multiple Networking Options

The USR-W630 provides a wealth of networking methods to meet customer networking needs.

• AP mode: Allow network devices to access USR-W630 via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

• STA mode: USR-W630 as a network device accesses other networks via Wi-Fi.

• AP+STA mode: Work in AP and STA mode simultaneously.

• Bridge mode: The device connected to the Ethernet port of W630 is equivalent to directly connecting to the upper-level network, and the W630 is equivalent to being transparent.

• Router mode: The device connected to the Ethernet port of W630 will be assigned an IP by the W630.

Data Transmission Encryption

  • Supports SSLTLS encryption in TCP cient, HTTP client and MQTT operation modes.

  • Supports two-way certificates authentication.

Transparent Transmission Mode

Data is transmitted transparently between RS485 and Wi-Fi / Ethernet via TCP/UDP/HTTP Protocol, enabling data transfer between serial port device and network device.

Serial Command Mode

In this mode, USR-W630 needs work as UDP Client or TCP Client, it allows users to send serial data to different servers. Data, server IP and port information should be included in the data packet sent by the serial device.

Addtional Features

• Modbus Gateway: Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversion and multi-host Modbus polling.

• Heartbeat Packet Function: Remote server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client using this feature.

• Registration Packet Funciton: The server can identify different clients by usingregistration packets.

• Websocket Function: It can realize the real-time interaction between the serial device connected to W630 and the web page on PC.

PUSR: Cloud SCDA Solution

PUSR provides a cloud-based SCADA system that allows users to upload data from field devices to the SCADA system for remote monitoring and data management to realize the potential of the equipment.

Industrial-Grade Design, High Reliability

• EFT Protection: Level 3, protect device against damage caused by instantaneous current interference in circuit, such as lightning stroke, power switch, etc.

• ESD Protection: Level 4, prevent electrostatic damage equipment, such as dust electrostatic, electric arc environment etc.

• Surge Protection: Level 3.

• Watchdog: Hardware & software dual watchdog to ensure stable operation without downtime.

• Wide Operation Temperature: -40℃~ 85℃

Product Details

• Dimension: 105*103*28 mm.

• Serial port: 1*RS232, 1*RS485. Baud rate range: 300~460.8K bps. The two serial port can't work simultaneously.

• Ethernet port: 10/100M MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and direct connection, 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation.

• Power Supply: 5~36V input, DC socket and terminal block.

• Installation: Wall mounting.

• Reload button: In the case of forgetting the parameters, long press to restore the factory settings.

• Antenna Connector: 1*SMA-Female.

• Shell: Metal Housing, IP30 protection.

Shipping List

• 1*USR-W630

• 1*Power Supply (5V/1A )

• 1*Female to Female Serial Cable

• 1*Wi-Fi Antenna

Household Solar Photovoltaic Energy

In the application of household photovoltaic energy storage, the USR-W610 can upload the data collected by the energy conversion equipment such as converter and energy storage equipment like battery pack to the monitoring center, so that users can conveniently and flexibly monitor the operation of the photovoltaic system timely and flexible.

Medical Device Data Transmission Solution

The medical equipment transmits the entered data to the cloud server in real time through Wi-Fi network of W630. Users can quickly complete the collection, storage and analysis of important data.

Port Number2 ethernet ports: 1 x WAN, 1 x WAN/LAN
BufferRx/TX: Max 16K bytes
Protection2 KV Electromagnetic isolation for Ethernet port
Network ProtocolIP/TCP/UDP/DHCP/DNS/https/ ARP/ICMP/Web socket/httpsd client
Speed Rate10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDIX
WiFi802.11 b/g/n
Frequency Range2.412GHz-2.484GHz
Transmit Power802.11b: +19dBm(Max)
802.11g: +18dBm(Max)
Receive Sensitivity802.11b: -89dBm
802.11g: -81dBm
802.11n: -73dBm
Interface StandardRS232:300~460.8Kbps
Input VoltageDC5~36V
Operating Temp.-40℃~ 85℃
Storage Temp.-40℃~ 125℃
Network ModeStation/AP/AP+Station
Work ModeTransparent transmission / serial AT command/
https Client、Modbus TCP<=>Modbus RTU
Setting CommandAT+command
Networking ProtocolTCP/UDP/ARP/ICMP/DHCP/DNS/https
Max. Client Number in TCP Server Mode24
ConfigurationWeb sever+ AT command
Warranty2 years


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