Serial to 4G LTE Modem | M2M Cellular Modems

Serial to 4G LTE Modem | M2M Cellular Modems

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Product Name:Serial to 4G LTE Modem | M2M Cellular Modems

  • Model:USR-G786

USR-G786-G is a RS485 Electrical Isolation Protection 4G IP cellular modem which has perfect functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios. User can use the cellular modem USR-G786-G to realize data transmission between RS232 / RS485 and 4G network through simple configuration.


Basic Function

G786-G has perfect functions and covers most of the conventional application scenarios. It supports bands B1 / B2/B3/B4/B5/B6/B7/B8/B12/B13/B18/B19/B20/B25/B26/B28/B38 /B39/B40/B41, has the characteristics of high rate and low latency. User can realize data transmission between RS232 / 485 and 4G network through simple configuration.


Functional structure

functional structure of cellular modem USR-G786-G


Network transparent mode

In this mode, user's serial device can directly send data to the network server through G786-G, G786-G can also forward the received server data to the serial device.

In this mode, users do not need to pay attention to the data conversion process between serial data and network data packets, can achieve data transparent transmission between serial devices and network servers by simply configuring parameters.

G786-G supports two independent sockets connection.


Support protocol customization

G786-G supports customized development based on many different protocols such as MQTT and Modbus required by users. 

In network transparent mode, user can set the device to send identity package to server. Identity package is to enable the server to identify the device, or as a password to obtain server function authorization. Identity package data can be an ICCID code, IMEI code, or user-defined data.

In network transparent mode, users can set the device to send heartbeat package to meet specific needs. Heartbeat package can be sent to the network or the serial device. Sending to the network is to keep the connection stable and reliable, while ensuring that the device is connected properly, server can determine the online status of the device through heartbeat package.

(The contents of identity package and heartbeat package, heartbeat interval can be modified by AT command)


Parameter Configuration

Can be configured by serial/network/SMS AT commands, setup software.

Serial AT command: In network transparent mode, users can query and set parameters through "password + AT command" without switching to command mode.

Network AT command: In network transparent mode, users can query and set parameters by sending "password + AT command" through the network.

SMS AT command: users can query and configure device parameters by SMS.


RS485 Electrical Isolation Protection

Terminal type, lightning surge protection. RS485 serial port supports 1KV surge protection, power isolation and over-current protection, which can effectively avoid the impact of environmental changes on the normal operation of the device.


Remote Upgrade Management

G786-G supports remote management platform,users can quickly realize the automatic upgrade of device firmware, which helps to improve the performance of the device, ensuring the long-term and reliable operation of the device.


More Characteristic Protection

APN Private Network

EFT impulse Testing


Hardware Watchdog

Ensure the security
of data transmission

RS485 Power Supply 2KV

Contact ±8KV

Watchdog circuit,
stable operation
without downtime
in 24 hours



Smart Agriculture Network Transmission

G786-G quickly uploads the temperature / humidity, light, carbon dioxide and other values collected by various sensors to the cloud platform through the 4G wireless network. Through data summary and analysis, Remote Monitoring System can remotely control the start and stop of fans, sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation, lamps and other equipment to provide a good greenhouse environment for crop growth.

This application can realize real-time monitoring of greenhouse data, reduce human operation and maintenance costs, optimize crop growth environment, and promote the development of agricultural IOT.

Smart Light Control

G786-G connects the serial port to the field controller, accesses the remote monitoring center through 4G wireless network to realize transparent transmission of data.

Monitoring center can remotely realize the grouping or batch control of street lights as needed, automatically or manually turn on / off the street lights. At the same time, it can also remotely monitor technical parameters such as voltage, current, and power, which greatly improves the level of urban intelligent management.


Network Monitoring of Oil and Gas Pipeline

G786-G supports 4G high-speed network, high rate, low latency, fast response, and can quickly report gas flow, pressure, temperature and other data collected by terminal equipment to SCADA monitoring system.  SCADA monitoring system dynamically display the data changes of each monitoring point, and shows the alarming data, to provide protection for life and property safety.


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