DIN Rail Mounting

Bracket Guide Rail Clip

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  • USR-RailClip-02
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Product Name:DIN Rail Mounting

  • Model:USR-RailClip-02


USR-RailClip-02 is a bracket guide rail clip, which can make device installation convenient. User can fix the clip on rail to strengthen the stability.

The rail clip can be used on the following products:

TCP Series: USR-TCP232-410s, USR-N540, USR-N520, USR-N510, USR-TCP232-302, USR-TCP232-304

WIFI Series: USR-WIFI232-630, USR-WIFI232-610, W610, W600

M2M Series: USR-GPRS232-730, USR-GPRS232-701(-2-4), USR-G760, USR-G800, G806

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