Modbus Serial to Ethernet Converters

Serial to Ethernet Converters | Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Converters

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Product Name:Modbus Serial to Ethernet Converters

  • Model:USR-TCP232-410s


Dual Ports Serial Device Server

USR-TCP232-410s comes with 1*RS232 and 1*RS485 serial ports. Two ports can work at the same time.

With this serial device server, traditional serial devices can be connected to the Internet/LAN network, to achieve data communication with remote SCADA system. The traditional serial devices can easily become IoT devices.

Industrial-Grade Design

● Wide operating temperature: -40 ~ 85°C

● EMC Protection: Level 3. Surge, EFT and ESD protection for serial ports, Ethernet ports and power circuits.

● Wide voltage input: 5~36V, with reverse polarity protection

● Metal housing, IP30 protection

Rich Product Features

● Modbus RTU/TCP protocol conversion, easy connect to SCADA system and field serial device

● Support transparent TCP/UDP/HTTP

● Heartbeat Packet: Remote server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client using this feature

● Registration Packet: The server can identify different clients by using registration packets

● Virtual-COM Software: This feature can infinitely extend the serial cable, allowing communication to no longer be limited by distance

● Support multicast, similar RFC2117 function, etc.

High Reliable And Stable Performance

● Powerful NXP chipset, Cortex-M7 architecture to provide high performance

● Software and hardware dual watchdog to ensure stable operation

● Auto Reconnection: Automatically monitor TCP connection status, re-connect once disconnect

● It will restart when the network data cannot be received for a certain time(user-defined), to avoid the situation of device crash

Easy To Configure And Use

Multiple setting methods are supported

● AT command: Suitable for programmable devices, such as PLC, MCU, etc.

● Friendly interface, clear parameters

● Software config: Easy to search for device, convenient to set.

● Firmware upgrade: Via webpage and config software

Hardware Interface

● Serial port: RS232 and RS485 serial ports can work simultaneously, the baud rate range is 600-230.4K (bps), and support hardware (CTS/RTS) and software(XON/XOFF) flow control.

● Ethernet port: 10/100M MDI/MDIX, auto switch between cross and direct connection, 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation.

● Power Supply: DC socket and terminal block

● Installation: Wall mounting

● Reload button: In the case of forgetting the parameters, long press to restore the factory settings.

PUSR Cloud Monitoring

For 410S, the following functions can be realized with the PUSR Cloud:

1. Data monitoring and storage: the PUSR cloud queries the data of the terminal serial device according to the set protocol. The collected data can be stored and displayed on the PUSR Cloud.

2. Data forwarding: Remote data communication between different serial devices can be realized through the PUSR Cloud with PUSR device.

Differences Between Old And New Versions

Please refer to the table for details.

The new version adopts the NXP chip with stronger performance and better function scalability and support UDP multicast.

Smart Lighting Facilities in Factories and Mines Monitoring

The traditional lighting facilities in factories and mines are mostly controlling by people, and cannot realization linkage between manufacture and monitoring, and lead to energy wasting.

USR-TCP232-410S communicates with serial lighting equipment via network, it is convenient for lighting control and can initiative report the mistakes of the equipment.

Water Supply System Monitoring

Recently the hoc communication of water supply system in waterworks is still based on serial, and it is only suitable for single-machine operation and limited transmission distance, system maintenance is difficult.

USR-TCP232-410s supports serial port to network, monitor the work of the equipment via TCP Server mode at any time.




NXP Solution, Cortex-M7




Power Supply

DC 5.0~36.0 V


59.7mA @12V  


Port Number

1 x RJ45, 10 /100 Mbps, auto MDI/MDX, 1.5KV electromagnetic isolation

Serial Port

Port Number

1 x RS232, DB9-male,
1 x RS485, 3-pin terminal block,
can work simultaneously.

Baud rate

600 bps~230.4Kbps

Data Bits

7, 8

Stop Bit(s)

1, 2

Parity Bit

None, Even, Odd

Flow Control

Hardware: RTS/CTS(Only RS232)

Physical Character



Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature


Operating Humility


Storage Humility


Basic Features

Network protocol


IP Assignment


DNS Service

Built-in Webpage

Config Method

Built-in Webpage, Config Software,  AT Command

Work Mode

TCP Server/TCP client/UDP Server/UDP Client/HTTPD client

Modbus Gateway

Modbus RTU/TCP peotocol conversion,
Multi-host polling: up to 16 hosts


RF2217 Similar

Registration Packet

Heartbeat Packet

Serial Packets Cache

Dynamic packet cache. For example:
When the packet length is 10 byte, the serial port can cache
371 packets(3.71KB). When the packet length is 1460 bytes, the serial port can
cache 10 packets(14.6KB).

Ethernet Packets






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