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Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules | Ethernet UART Modules

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Product Name:Serial to Ethernet Converter Modules | TTL to Ethernet Module

  • Model:USR-TCP232-T0

USR-TCP232-T0 | TTL to Ethernet Module

Plug-in Design, Small Size, Easy Configuration

USR-TCP232-T0 is a module designed for fast data transmission between TTL and Ethernet port. It integrates rich communication protocols internally, allowing users to achieve transparent data transmission by simply configuring parameters. It comes with RJ45 and TTL interface. With its plug-in design, it can be integrated more quickly into users' development boards, saving both time and resources, and significantly enhancing user’s development efficiency. This product has been widely applied in scenarios such as medical equipment and industrial automation and etc.

TTL to Ethernet, Transparent Data Transmission

With PUSR uart to Ethernet modules traditional serial devices can be connected to local networks and the Internet. Then users can transform traditional serial device into loT device. It integrates a wide range of network protocols, such as TCP, UDP, HTTP, allowing for communication with various types of servers.

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TTL Interface, Offering Simplicity and Versatility Use

Compared to SPI, TTL interface requires just Tx and Rx lines, have simpler communication protocols and compatible with a wide range of devices and applications, which can significantly save users both development time and cost.

Multiple User Scenarios

Multi-user Access
In TCP server mode, it suppports multiple TCP clients acess(up to 16), so it can realize multi-user control of serial devices.

Multi-device Management
The USR-TCP232-T0 module can connect to the central server for centralized management of serial devices.

Multiple User Scenarios

Virtual-COM Software
This feature can infinitely extend the serial cable,allowing communication to no longer be limited by distance.

Point-to-Point Communication
Using this method, it is possible to achieve data communication between two serial devices.

Additional Features

Heartbeat Packet
Server can detect abnormal disconnection from the client using this feature(DR3X as an TCP client)

Registration Packet
The server can identify different clients by using registration packets.

High Reliable Design

  • Watchdog Protection: Hardware & Software dual watchdog, ensuer the module work reliably

  • Wide Operationg temperature: -40~85℃, industrial grade design, stable operation in harsh environments

  • EMC Protection: Level 2, including ESD, Surge, EFT protection

Easy Configuration, Quick Start

USR-TCP232-T0 supports multiple configuration options: AT command, config software, built-in webupage and open configuration protocol. There is always one that suits your needs.

Product Dimention






Power Supply

VCC: 3.15~3.45V, 3.3V is commanded
VDD: 5.0~7.0V, 5.0V is commanded

Working Current



Ethernet Port

1*RJ45, 10Mbps

Serial Port

Serial Port

1*TTL, 3.3V

Baud Rate


Data Bits


Stop Bit


Parity Bit

Odd, Even, Mark, Space supported when data bits are 7;
None, Odd, Even supported when data bits are 8.

Software Features



Work Mode

TCP Server, TCP client, UDP server, UDP  client

TCP Server

Up to 16 clients

IP Address

DHCP, Static

Registration Packet

Heartbeat Packet

Serial Packet Cache

Receiving:1K Bytes

Network Packet Cache

Sending: 6K Bytes, receiving: 4K Bytes


Config Tools, AT command, built-in web page

Packaging mechanism

Packaging Time: 4-byte data transmission time
Packaging Length: 400 Bytes

Additional Features

Link, No Data Restart, UDP data Filtering, PUSR Cloud, Clean cache data

Environmental Characteristic

Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature

-40℃~ +85℃

Operating Humidity



50.5*22.6*15mm(L* W* H)




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